Food Safety

Define success clearly


Focusing on the goals to be accomplished through regulation can make space for greater flexibility in how those targets are met.

Engage the community to set goals

Consistent civic engagement offers a window into the needs, interests, and preferences of city residents, which can indicate when new regulations are needed and old ones are not. By focusing on goals rather than the steps of the compliance process, city leaders and community members can surface regulatory priorities while providing greater flexibility in how those outcomes are achieved.

Seek solutions for clearly defined problems

Well-defined problems give innovators outside of city hall the tools and information they need to find solutions. Cities can think of regulation as akin to procurement, and articulate problems they want to solve (food deserts, food safety), and invite novel solutions. For example, the city could issue an RFP that sets out current challenges in meeting the food access needs of the most vulnerable and invite respondents to apply to pilot their solutions.