Food Safety

Apply an equity lens


An intentional focus on equity will help regulators to devise regulations that lead to better outcomes for all living within city limits.

Focus on underserved populations

Attention to challenges facing low-income communities, individuals with disabilities, and other underserved populations can help ensure that regulations improve the quality of life for all city residents – or at the very least, do not harm the most vulnerable. Tools such as the City of Seattle’s Race and Equity Toolkit to Assess Policies, Initiatives, Programs, and Budget Issues can help staff prioritize problems that disproportionately affect underserved communities.

Support pathways into sustainable livelihoods

“Gig economy” jobs help workers cope with market failures and the erosion of the social safety net, but typically do not offer pathways into full-time careers that pay a living wage. Cities should reward gig economy firms that put contractors on a path to greater prosperity. Training and education, insurance coverage, mentorship, and other supports can ease the transition from gig economy work to full-time entrepreneurship.